Data Privacy Statement


The protection of your personal data when we collect, process, and use these data during your visit to the homepage of Marcard, Stein & Co AG is very important to us. Your data is protected in compliance with legal regulations.

Protection of the data

We employ appropriate, technical, and organizational security measures to protect your data against manipulation, unauthorized access and other unauthorized use, as well as against loss, destruction, access, alteration, or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. Web pages on which we collect personal data are encrypted and certified by institutions licensed for encryption certification. Additional security installations are in place for online banking. A firewall system prevents unauthorized access from outside.

Collection and processing of personal data

Every access to the Web pages and any retrieval of a file stored on these pages is recorded for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following is recorded:

the name of the file accessed, the date and time of day when it is accessed, the transferred data volume, a notice of successful access, the Web browser, and the requesting domain. The IP addresses of the computers making the request are also recorded.

Data which is collected for this purpose is deleted after 14 days or anonymized for statistical purposes and deleted after four weeks.

Additional personal data is only collected if the user of the website supplies information voluntarily, for instance as part of a query or when registering for personalized services, or through the settings of his or her browser.

Data which has been recorded when the website accessed is passed on to third parties only to the extent that we are obliged to do so either by law or court decision, or if it is required in the event of attacks on our Internet infrastructure for purposes of legal action or prosecution. Data is not passed on for other purposes.

Links to websites of other providers

To provide you with even more comprehensive information, our websites have links which refer to the websites of third parties. When these links are not clearly recognizable, we identify them as external links. We have no influence whatsoever on the content or design of the Web pages of other providers. Therefore the content of this Data Privacy Statement does not apply for these external providers.

Data protection notice according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation

In addition to these website-specific data protection notice, the Data Protection Notice pursuant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation also applies.


Contact: data protection officer

For further information regarding the treatment of personal data at Marcard, Stein & Co you can turn to the data protection officer of Marcard, Stein & Co AG:

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