Support & Concierge

To know that your assets are in good hands is one thing. To also know that we are there to answer any other questions you might have make the real difference. Our additional services provide you with extra value. We handle your matters as focused and precisely as a single family office and offer an extra service to our clients which is greatly appreciated.

Every day we demonstrate that you can rely on us. We monitor your liquidity as part of our comprehensive cash management concept. Pooling and storing all information in one location affords your protection in terms of data and document security. If you wish, we may also take responsibility for your personal security: the security of your data online, your personal security on trips and in your private environment.

With our large concierge team – completely unique amongst family offices in Germany – we provide an additional, comprehensive service in many areas of your everyday life, from daily invoice processing to individual travel management and your private office.


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