Being a private bank with its long tradition in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg we have a high commitment to the Hanseatic principles and values of confidentiality and trustworthiness in our client relationships and when dealing with external third parties. Due to our unique position as a family office bank with a full bank license we have a very high commitment to protect the privacy of our clients.

In addition to the legal aspects of our responsibility being a fully licensed bank we understand confidentiality as the ability of the family office to continuously consider the following question:
How much data needs to be exchanged? Who can access information in order to serve the interests of the client, and for what purpose? Our business approach is based on the Hanseatic principle of confidentiality when dealing with third parties, and this attitude is an important factor to achieve the role of trusted advisor of our clients.

Our internal auditors regularly monitor and test our compliance with all legal and regulatory processes and duties that are relevant to our clients. This approach sets considerably high standards for our understanding of confidentiality and privacy within the family office that go further beyond the security standards of the market.

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