Although they represent high living standards, large family assets also pose difficult challenges. They comprise a wide range of different asset classes. The preservation and accumulation of assets over generations is no easy task and requires diverse services, sound knowledge and objective advice.

Marcard, Stein & Co provides the full range of family office services required to comprehensively manage highly diversified family assets. Based on two important characteristics we differentiate clearly from other participants on the German market: Marcard, Stein & Co is the only private bank to focus its expertise entirely on its core business as a family office. Moreover, Marcard, Stein & Co holds a full banking licence. Thus we are part of the in-depth control systems of a bank in the German banking system and we can also provide you with the full range of products and services of a bank.

As Spokesman of the board, Thomas R. Fischer has successfully steered Marcard, Stein & Co for more than 20 years. He started his career at Marcard, Stein & Co as Chief Operating Officer. Appointed to Spokesman of the Board in 1998, he continued to build the business in the tradition of decent Hanseatic merchants and to establish it as a reliable partner for numerous entrepreneurs and their families. With his long-lasting experience as family officer and his personal responsibility for our firm, Mr. Fischer plays an important role for successful and long-term relationships with our clients.

Mr. Fischer is supported by Mr. Thomas Borghardt who joined the board in 2013. For more than 17 years, Mr. Borghardt has served in various responsible positions as advisor to wealthy families with medium-sized family businesses. Prior to joining Marcard, Stein & Co, Mr. Borghardt was chief representative of a family office in Southern Germany. The board members at Marcard, Stein & Co have thus gathered more than 30 years of experience in working with entrepreneurs and their families and in solving their special issues.

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