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On the Right Track – Together


When different generations have the objective to agree on ideas for succession planning, in our experience a high degree of diplomatic and communicative skill is needed to mediate between differing views, expectations, values, and ideas. Often the ideas and values between the younger and the senior generation are quite diverse. The elder generation sometimes personally has experienced very tough years. This divergence is completely normal and the key question is how the family members deal with one another in such situations. Fairness and tolerance play a major part as these values are important to most families. To help your family decide, we can provide you with expert business advice which takes your situation into consideration.

If the young generation is prepared to assume part of the responsibility, we will be guiding support to them and help them do their own first steps towards responsibility.

Nevertheless, not all potential surprise moments in life are positive ones. To be prepared for such cases, we can help you define up comprehensive emergency plans and ensure that the family is capable of acting even in such extremely challenging situations.

"We support most families over a very long period of time and often over generations. If the next generation continues to work with us and asks us to help deal with its own particular issues, the trust between us grows and will continue to do so."

Christian Koch, Director Family Office

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A family office can be an ideal partner and support you and your family on many levels.
Any form of intensive cooperation requires mutual understanding at the level of shared values.
Our clients are looking for support with very different issues. Independent advice and moderating support can be useful here.
With our comprehensive range of advisory services, we can meet the challenging task of safeguarding larger assets over several generations.
We will be happy to take the time to provide you with more detailed and individual information and answer all your questions in a personal meeting.