Careers in the Family Office Careers in the Family Office
Careers in the Family Office

Careers in the Family Office

Continuity and Experience


Marcard, Stein & Co offers a stable, successful business model in a challenging market environment. We have flat hierarchies to successfully establish long-term partnerships with our clients. Working in small teams makes communication quick and easy, allowing us to quickly respond to the needs of our clients and to deliver the highest standards of quality. At the same time, associates benefit from excellent on-the-job training, promotion prospects and development opportunities when they assume responsibility and directly work with client families.

Our family officers add up to more than 250 years of professional consulting experience. These years of experience make sure that each and every day of servicing our clients our high quality standards are met. Our family officers are generalists with long professional backgrounds and a broad knowledge of finance and economics. The team is completed by real estate, capital markets, and investment experts that is focused on the needs of the client. By recruiting staff from a range of different academic backgrounds, we ensure an enhanced approached that is not only limited to financial markets expertise and we ensure a highly individual and tailored support for our clients. Besides capital market experts and certified financial planners, our staff members include lawyers, accountants, business economists, real estate specialists, long-term investment experts, and hotel service staff for our concierge team.

Our high level of stability among our staff show that we provide continuity and that our success is based on long-term relationships. We continuously train our employees and promote talents and specialist knowledge. With the high level of identification with our shared values, our staff can deliver consistently high service and quality standards to our clients.

Our location also makes us an attractive employer: Situated on the banks of Lake Inner Alster in the inner city of Hamburg, Marcard, Stein & Co provides employees and visitors with the best possible infrastructure and quality of living.

MARCARD, STEIN & CO AG Ballindamm 36
Hamburg, Germany

"After my trainee period I soon started working on client mandates, being directly responsible for a variety of different tasks as a associate family officer. During this time I also qualified as a certified financial planner at the EBS Business School."

Anne-Rahel von Hanneken, Director Family Office

Job Description

We are continuously searching for exceptional family officers and junior employees to join our client relationship teams, accounting and our concierge team. Our aim is to continuously enhance our expertise. Thus exceptional academic backgrounds deviating from the classical banking backgrounds are explicitly welcome. In fact, our strategy to have diversified teams including non-banking backgrounds ensures our success. The following job descriptions are examples for our search profiles in selected positions.

Associate Family Officer

To be a consultant requires a high level of expertise and excellent knowledge of all asset classes, including legal and tax aspects. Associates should hold a university degree in business management or similar topics. Ideally they can already offer some years of professional experience.

Concierge Services

As a member of our concierge team you have a varied range of responsibilities: At the front desk and at the switchboard you are the first contact for our guests and for external service providers. Furthermore you provide services to external and internal recipients, this being our clients, our guests, and our employees. In this function you are “first face to the customer”.

Associate Real Estate Portfolio Manager
Accountant, Assistant Tax Revisor

Further Topics at a Glance

A family office can be an ideal partner and support you and your family on many levels.
Any form of intensive cooperation requires mutual understanding at the level of shared values.
Our clients are looking for support with very different issues. Independent advice and moderating support can be useful here.
With our comprehensive range of advisory services, we can meet the challenging task of safeguarding larger assets over several generations.
We will be happy to take the time to provide you with more detailed and individual information and answer all your questions in a personal meeting.