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Family Governance

The influence of family-related factors on the preservation of assets over generations is not to be underestimated and must either be taken into consideration or raised as an issue to be addressed:

  • Definition of leading roles for individual or multiple family members and consolidation of their position within the family
  • Development of comprehension of the necessity of preserving capital for future generations
  • Prevention of asset stripping due to the varying interests of children, various generations, inheritance disputes etc.
  • Protection and active preservation of family traditions
  • Realisation of charitable objectives, philantropy
  • Common definition of values within the family and with regard to the environment
  • Definition of the roles of external advisers within the family

These and similar issues and the resulting conflict areas can be governed by the creation of a family constitution. In a similar way to corporate governance within a company, this family governance sets rules for the often complicated family relationships.

The family office addresses these issues and sensitive challenges: it helps you to structure the tax, legal and family-related processes and provide you with relevant solutions – with the added support of lawyers, tax advisers and auditors.

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