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Notes and Information

Notes and Information

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Product Information Sheets

The product information sheets enable you to find out about the key features of a product in an easy-to-understand manner in good time before concluding the transaction. They make it easier for you to compare different products and providers.

Sustainability-related Disclosure

Publications on sustainability-related disclosure obligations in the financial services sector

Legal Notices

Here you will find everything related to the implementation of the Payment Services Directive (PSD II), Best Execution Reporting, Creditor Participation (Bail-in), Revision of the Shareholder Rights Directive (ARUG II), Liquidity Management Tools, and information on the complaints handling process.

Further Topics at a Glance

A family office can be an ideal partner and support you and your family on many levels.
Any form of intensive cooperation requires mutual understanding at the level of shared values.
Our clients are looking for support with very different issues. Independent advice and moderating support can be useful here.
With our comprehensive range of advisory services, we can meet the challenging task of safeguarding larger assets over several generations.
We will be happy to take the time to provide you with more detailed and individual information and answer all your questions in a personal meeting.