Cash Management

To grant you the best possible protection during this process, the measures involved in invoice processing are clearly governed by our detailed internal operating procedure. Fundamentally, we observe the four-eyes principle and maintain the utmost discretion without exception.

Your Cash Management
With our cash management system, we can keep you adequately, punctually and appropriately solvent in line with your needs and specifications.

By means of regular liquidity overviews we are able to control your necessary liquidity, whose limits you define yourself, in close coordination with you. We never lose track of your overall assets: we also include all cash flows between the various companies or shared assets of the owner.

We take care of call money and deposits, necessary term transformations, currency and foreign exchange transactions as well as the needs-based and punctual provision of investment funds, payments and larger donations. To select suitable liquidity accounts, we have access to a continuously updated bank screening system in order to always provide you with the best possible security: we only recommend banks with top-class credit ratings and sufficient deposit protection in Germany to cover the investment. If you are a lender, we can assume responsibility for punctually charging the interest and instalments to the borrower and monitoring all corresponding cash flows.

Invoice Processing
Many of our clients feel highly liberated when they are able to delegate everyday necessities such as checking and paying invoices, checking payment deadlines, resubmitting deadline extension applications or punctually transferring tax payments.

In this context you can determine the scope within which the family office processes your invoices and payments. You decide which and how many account authorisations you grant us, what expenditure accounts we should manage for you, and you define the limits for us to independently carry out payments. 

Not only does the family office deal with punctually making tax payments and meeting payment deadlines, it also monitors and regularly checks the relevant account balances and ensures that certain lower limits are respected within the expenditure accounts. At regular intervals we verify that your standing orders, direct debits and even rent payments are valid and correct. When we process invoices, we ensure that they are factually and mathematically correct and we also monitor expected credit, refunds and repayments. If necessary, we contact the invoicing party on your behalf in order to clear up issues or problems immediately.

"Every one of our procedures for our clients takes place under the four-eyes principle with the utmost care and clear rules concerning powers of attorney."

Susanne Wegner, Middle Office

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