Preservation of family and assets

As the owner of the assets and the head of the family, you bear great responsibility for your family’s well-being. You and your family have created considerable wealth over years and often decades. These assets provide you and your family with financial scope and a certain degree of personal freedom and standard of living. This comfortable situation needs to be preserved for the next decades and future generations. For this reason, whenever investments are considered the primary objective is to ensure the preservation of the assets over years. Our approach is that asset preservation over generations is achieved if the returns are high enough to cover the costs of living, inflation, taxes, and fees. Once this objective has been achieved, families will be able to preserve their long-term quality of life.

Likewise, it is important to guarantee the personal safety of every family member. This requires an individual security and protection concept. Furthermore these highly emotional and relevant topics require a strictly confidential approach. We have an excellent and experienced network of partners and can define and structure a comprehensive concept.

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To preserve the living situation you have built up in the long term, something has to be done to keep the family together. The idea is to ensure close family relationships over the next generations and to avoid severe conflicts within the family. Massive disagreements concerning fundamental targets and strategies or strongly differing views on how to reach targets can potentially cause severe conflicts among family members. Given its often complex internal relationships, a family should therefore define rules to avoid conflicts or resolve them based on such previously jointly agreed rules.

The aggregate of these ideas is a family constitution which governs fundamental family topics such as asset strategy, philanthropy, education, and further activities.

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