Sale of the Family Business Sale of the Family Business
Sale of the Family Business

Sale of the Family Business

Set the Course – at the Right Time


The sale of the family business is always a pivotal event for an entrepreneurial family. It is a challenging situation in which negotiations, contracts, and countless details have to be dealt with. The decision itself is often the outcome of difficult, sometimes emotional discussions about finding the right decisions and how to act adequately and corresponding to the family traditions.

This means immense stress for everyone involved. Once the sale is done the family faces a completely new level of freedom – but also faces a new situation of being the target of requests from many external parties. In this new situation it becomes even more important to have strong bonds among the family members. This new situation requires a new approach, as decisions need to be taken concerning asset allocation and investments decision. These are often topics that are new to the family members. Often in this situation the family develops new patterns of how responsibilities are shared among family member. All this is part of family governance.

We have extensive experience in these processes. We help you and your family to define structures for the future. We assist you in preparing the sale of your family business and support you after this pivotal event. Finding the right asset manager is actually of less importance in this context. The challenges go far beyond.

The family office helps to establish suitable new structures for the owner family.
"The sale of a company often represents the “hour zero” for the founder. This is not simply a matter being confronted with an often considerable amount of liquid assets. Often the loss of familiar structures and responsibilities in following the withdrawal from active entrepreneurial duties is far more crucial. The family office helps establish adequate new structures for the family of owners."
Thomas R. Fischer, Speaker of the Board of Directors

Further Topics at a Glance

A family office can be an ideal partner and support you and your family on many levels.
Any form of intensive cooperation requires mutual understanding at the level of shared values.
Our clients are looking for support with very different issues. Independent advice and moderating support can be useful here.
With our comprehensive range of advisory services, we can meet the challenging task of safeguarding larger assets over several generations.
We will be happy to take the time to provide you with more detailed and individual information and answer all your questions in a personal meeting.