Capital Market Management

Selection of Asset Managers

Liquid assets play an important role in the management of family assets. To produce the best possible result for the family, only the best asset managers should be assigned. But as simple as this might seem, it is difficult to put into practice. The responsibilities of an asset manager are as diverse as the strengths and weaknesses of each asset manager.

Before the asset manager selection process begins, it is necessary to precisely define the tasks required of the manager. The key responsibilities are those agreed with the client whilst planning how to carry out strategic asset allocation.

Afterwards, the suitable asset managers undergo an extensive quantitative and qualitative selection and analysis process. The results are evaluated and documented in detailed reports. Throughout this process we focus on cost-effectiveness and monitor on behalf of the family whether or not the asset managers adhere to the investment guidelines that apply as part of risk management.

Selection of Products

Like the asset managers, an individual investment undergoes a multi-stage process before an investment decision is made. The same goes for investment opportunities offered directly to the families. In these cases, the family office first checks whether or not an open budget even exists for this type of investment as part of the strategic asset allocation. Setting such investment budgets guarantees the effective use of resources and in turn ensures that a strategic approach is maintained.

Additionally, planning the strategic or tactical asset allocation makes it necessary to act or carry out an analysis. In these cases, the family office actively searches for suitable products. Using databases, first of all we draw up a quantitative evaluation and a comparison with similar products. We frequently also include qualitative criteria in the decision-making process. We compile the results of the analyses into reports or presentations.

As a family office, we are able to cost-effectively and promptly carry out securities transactions in the interests of the client if necessary, e.g. for rapid hedges across multiple portfolios. In a world with more and more risks and increasingly volatile markets, the ability to quickly react to change can provide considerable advantages for the clients.

When selecting products and asset managers, we also take care to avoid risks that could arise from a lack of sustainability in the investment process. In addition, we are able to take into account our customers' individual values by tailoring exclusion criteria in the investment process.

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