Financial structures

Strategic asset allocation

Strategic asset allocation deals with long-term asset structuring on the basis of expected yields and the willingness of the client to bear risks. Given its significance in connection with the preservation of assets, the division of assets into various classes in line with the needs of the client and the long-term market situation is one of the core services provided by our family office.

Tactical Allocation

In addition to strategic allocation, our family office assumes responsibility for the ongoing value of the assets by means of tactical positioning. Past experience has shown that even optimised yet inflexible asset allocation can result in losses which take many years to balance out. However, actively managing the focuses of the investments with consideration for the economic cycle and financial conditions can dramatically reduce the risk of loss faced by the owner of the assets and guarantee long-term value.

Individual Operative Implementation

On the basis of strategic and tactical positioning, we can draw up an operative implementation plan which factors in all of the requirements and preferences of the client. The family office assists the family in selecting suitable asset managers and in selecting suitable real estate, investment and capital market products. We meet the high standards of our clients with sound, stringent selection processes.

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