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Research and Publications


Regularly analysing the economic environment is an important contribution by the experts in our Investment Office in order to derive the key implications for strategic and tactical asset allocation. Current market developments are analysed in the weekly Marcard Marktfokus. The detailed annual Review and Outlook, on the other hand, provides a more in-depth analysis of current developments for all relevant asset classes every six months.

"Sound investments require profound knowledge of the investment landscape and markets. Coherent decisions can only be derived from analyses that have been prepared in such a way that they bring about a shared understanding with our clients."

Dr. Christoph Kind, Director Chief Investment Officer


Understanding how financial markets work and what drives them is key to implementing a successful investment strategy. The Investment Office at Marcard, Stein & Co offers clients a variety of research services.

Macro Research
The most important macroeconomic indicators are continuously analyzed, aggregated, and processed in proprietary models by the Investment Office.

This makes it possible to identify and anticipate business cycle trends and inflationary/deflationary pressures. Analyzing the macroeconomic environment is a centerpiece of our tactical asset allocation process. In addition to making medium-term macroeconomic forecasts, the Investment Office also interprets and provides comments on current events in financial markets and the global economy.

Market Research
Markets move in trends. Thus, asset prices do not always correspond to intrinsic values.

The Investment Office has developed tools to measure valuation levels and trends in bond and equity markets. Not only do these tools indicate whether bonds or stocks are more attractive; they also identify the most attractive markets within each asset class.

Customized and Thematic Research
On request, we create customized research reports on special topics and markets for our clients.

In addition to conducting our own research, we systematically extract valuable information from media as well as from research reports by brokers, central banks, and international organizations.

Product Research
We analyze financial products and clarify how they work and which potential risks and rewards they entail.

In our product research, we focus on the quality of companies and issuers and on the design and pricing of financial products. The products we analyze comprise stocks and bonds as well as funds and derivatives. We conduct our analyses on an individual basis for each client in the context of his/her entire portfolio.

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