Overview of Our Services

Family Office – Project Management and Responsibility

With respect to the families of our clients, the family office assumes the role of a moderator and initiator whenever the family members wish to balance their interests. The family office also monitors and controls the external service providers and consultants involved. If needed, the family office supports in the election process of external advisors such as asset managers, legal advisors, and tax specialists. This includes the identification and discussion concerning any risks identified in the client’s allocation or structure. The client always holds the ultimate power to do the decision, based on the analysis and discussions with the family office.

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Family Office – Family Representation

The family office also offers the service to represent the family in transactions towards external third parties. This service allows the family members to stay out of the public and offers privacy. Additionally the family members gain an increased level of freedom from administrative duties.

Furthermore as regards to an internal family perspective the family office can serve as a moderator by pooling and distributing information within the family office and by chanelling the communication processes in the family according to the family’s wishes. This approach helps the family to evaluate their matters with emotional distance and therefore also represents a form of quality management for the family.

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Family Office – Professionalism and Quality

The family office team comprises of both our own members of staff and of selected external specialists. Trusted and long-term consultants of our clients are certainly included in the family office team. Together, we independently and objectively support families in the achievement of their goals. The alignment of the financial targets of the family with the legal and tax framework is of major importance. In addition to developing suitable structures and concepts for the client we as the client’s family office make sure that they are successfully implemented for the client.

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Family Office – Transparency and Confidentiality

The family office ensures a complete documentation of any transaction concerning the client’s assets. Furthermore all this information is summarized in regular reports on the overall status and development of the assets, including current valuations of real estate and equity holdings. We apply our own tried-and-tested valuation methods for this service. These ongoing services result in a top-quality classification system and archive for all receipts and documents. This saves our customers a considerable amount of time and organisational effort.

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Family Office – Support and Freedom

Our services are completed by a first-class concierge service team which supports the client family in organisational and service matters such as travel planning, organisation of private or business events for the client or any related topics.

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