Reporting & Controlling

In many aspects, our reporting and controlling services are similar to those of a management department in a business and shoulder a significant portion of the administrative responsibilities for a family.

Performance reports are updated continuously from the outset in order to document every single development. We disclose the assets of a family that have built up over the years in a private balance sheet, similar to a professionally prepared corporate balance sheet. One of the most challenging tasks of all is to break down the various asset classes and make them comparable. Our reporting system ensures that our methods of measuring every asset remain identical, which considerably improves comparability.

This is of particular importance, for example, when it comes to real estate and private equity investment reports. We seamlessly integrate these reports into the valuation of the overall assets, making it possible to compare the performance with other items. Additionally, we can generate reports with consideration for various reporting perspectives and interests, such as for the family members, tax advisers, banks, managers and other interest groups. Naturally, we can also provide you with individual asset reports for the various requirements of each individual family member.

The universality and the consequently complex work of our family office impose extremely high standards on the technical systems. We continuously adapt our IT systems to the informational needs of families and family officers, allowing us to guarantee consistently quick and smooth asset management processes.

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